Kerala Public School - Burmamines
"Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar log aate gaye karvaan banta gaya"
- Late A.P.R Nair(Founder Chairman)


2015 – 2016

Archery Winner

5th position for Paper presentation at ICPPP organized at CMS Lucknow

Mrs. Sreekala Karunakaran, Principal, Kerala Public School, Burmamines and Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur,
Vice Principal, NML Kerala Public School attended the International conference for Pre Primary and Primary Principals at CMS Lucknow from 30th January to 2nd February. Principals and Vice Principals from 107 Schools from all over India and from abroad attended the conference. CMS had invited paper presentations from all the participating schools on any of the four building blocks of CMS namely Global understanding, Universal values, Service to Humanity and Excellence in all things and the shortlisted papers were presented at the conference. The paper sent by Kerala Public School was on the theme Universal values with the title ‘Impact of Affirmation and meditation on primary school children’ which was one among the 26 papers that were shortlisted for presentation at the conference. Five best papers were awarded at the function and KPS was one among the best five winning the 5th position. Their innovative idea of making the children repeat positive affirmations after each period was widely appreciated by everyone. In a world where students are filled with negativities from all corners giving them the message that ‘you are not good’ make them lose their self esteem but the practice of positive affirmations creates in them positive vibrations that nullifies the negativities and helps the children grow up with appropriate balance of their tender young minds.

2013 – 2014

  1. EQUIP Award for our Project – Climbing concept ladder in Mathematics: To improve the results of Std IV students in Math, the teachers took up a project based on giving concepts to the students level wise.

  3.  Pankh Award:” I Speak English Do You?”. The students of KPS Burmamines undertook an EQUIP to motivate fellow students to speak in English.The students’ team found a workable solution and the team was awarded by TQMS for the same.
  4.  Champions of Inter  KPS Youth Festival: KPS Burmamines were declared the champions at inter KPS youth festival.

  6. Best Eco Club Teacher Award: Once again Mr Arun Mahato received this award from TATA Zoological Park for his unrelenting contribution to the environment.

2012 – 2013

  1. Overall Championship in AURA 2012-13: Our school won the Overall-Championship Trophy at the interschool competition conducted by Carmel Junior College.

  3.  Best Eco Club Teacher Award: Mr Arun Mahato has been winning this award from TATA Zoological Park since 2007

  5.  International School Award from British Council: Our school collaborated with schools of Australia and Bangladesh in this project and was awarded for outstanding development of international dimension in curriculum.
  6. Winners of Inter KPS Teachers’ Volleyball Match: A volleyball tournament for teachers was conducted at KPS Mango. Our teachers emerged as the winner of the tournament

  8.  Winners of Inter KPS Teachers’ Innovative Practices Competition

  10. Runners Up of Inter School Drama Competition: Our School won Runners Up Trophy at the interschool drama competition conducted by Theater Association of Jamshedpur.

  12.  Green leaf for Green school program: Our School was ranked 5th in the country among the top green schools.
  13.  NCERT award for All India competition on innovative practices: We at KPS Burmamines try to give individual attention all the students ina class. So, a project was taken up for the slow learners. . NCERT recognized this effort and the school was awarded at the  All India Innovative Practices competition in New Delhi.

2011 – 2012

  1. Best Eco Club Teacher Award to Mr. Arun Mahato, our  has been winning this award every year  since 2007.

  3.  Runners up of Inter KPS Teachers’ Volleyball Match: NML Kerala Public School had organized Volleyball tournament for teachers and KPS Burmamines was runner up of the tournament.

  5. Winners of Scouts & Guides Prime Minister’s Shield: It was awarded to the Scouts and Guides for their exemplary contribution to society through community services. The team had adopted Binobha Ashram, an NGO run place for the people afflicted with leprosy.
  6.  Runners up of Inter KPS & KSMS Teachers’ Innovative Practices Competition: The project titled “ Every Black Cloud has Silver Lining” was runner up. The project was based on slow learners in remedial classes. Where right from uniform to handwriting and learning was focused. This yielded desired tangible and intangible results. The team was awarded the Runner up Trophy.

  8. Runners up of Inter KPS Youth Festival: KPS Burmamines was adjusted the runner up at the inter KPS youth festival.